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No Access That Day!

I had plans of leaving early and walking to the river and Pollywog Ponds. Once I got out of town the rush hour traffic was letting up, and I could cruise down the highway. But, when I got to my exit for Pollywog Ponds, and getting onto Up River Road, I could see that the city crews had my road blocked off. They're repairing the small section that washes out in heavy rain...and I couldn't get into where I park. Oh well, the best laid plans never 'pan out' sometimes. And since Bazemore Park is just down the freeway about 5 miles, I decided to go there and do my walking....even tho I was just there the week prior. Maybe I will see something special this time. Well, I did! The rainfall produced a great field of wildflowers! And the mosquitoes were hungry!! I made a note to buy more repellent for the upcoming season. [and I thought to myself, "I'm glad they WERE working at Pollywog! There are more mosquitoes there than all the citywide property combined!"] I wasn't much prepared for those nasty blood suckers! So, I didn't do too much stopping and checking for birds from their songs in the trees...or I'd have to have had a blood transfusion. lol

So, without further chit chat, my photos for the morning's walk...

[the birds here today are:  Belted Kingfisher -same in silhouette, black bellied whistling ducks, and great kiskadee]  Erik, our son, told me that in Houston's Memorial Park and surrounding areas, the Texas Bluebonnets are in full bloom everywhere...for some reason, they're not here!!  I look forward to those blossoms in the Spring.  Maybe next week.