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Irene has Crabs!!! And so does Rockport!!

Linus: You're always crabby! You're crabby in the morning. You're crabby at noon and you're crabby at night!
Lucy: Can I help it if I have crabby genes? 

Around our area the 'norm' is huge that I mean a lot of the curio/tourist trap stores'  entry ways are as such;  you walk into a shark's mouth to reach the inside of the shops. Such as this one. Of course living by the sea, a lot of attractions are mainly anything depicting sea/sea life.. In Rockport, along the beach park entrance is a HUGE, MASSIVE, Blue Crab. But, there is some history to this attraction...
    Rockport's original crab started out at Del Mar Grill -circa 1957. And the specialty of the house was guessed....crab cakes! The crab was 18 feet wide and 22 feet deep.  It survived two hurricanes in the 1960s. When once it was repainted, the crab became a female as the tips of the pincers were painted red. The Grill closed in 1965, the town's chamber of commerce  purchased the crab for $200.  The crab was moved to Veterans Memorial Park near the harbor. It was used for commercialism and often part of Rockport's parades. Surviving  Hurricane Celia in 1970 it afterward deteriorated and was replaced by another.  In 2011/2012 an artist constructed  a new crab.  It now stands along the beach park entrance at the measurements of  25 feet by 27 feet on an oyster shell bedding.

For years, Bud has saved a clipping from Peanuts Comic Strip. You see, Irene, when she was just a young'un was always frowning and actually, Bud has frown it runs in the family. And when Charles Shultz had a clip of Lucy and her 'crabby genes'...Bud saved it. It has a prominent place on the vanity's mirror in the spare bedroom. When I see crabs, I think of Irene/Lucy! Every blessed time.